Snow Removal

Snow Removal

Winter can be an unpredictable experience in the City of Alliance. Snow and ice can be challenging for both residents and City street crews to control. During any snowfall event, the Street Department will generally follow the procedures listed in the Snow Removal Action Plan, however these are guidelines and may be changed to adapt to specific circumstances or weather conditions.

Snow Removal Action Plan (PDF)

You can help us serve you better by following some simple tips.

Snow Removal Tips (PDF)

Check to see if you live on a Emergency Snow Route. Emergency Snow Routes are priority routes which provide access to schools, main arterial streets and give emergency personnel clear access. If a Snow Emergency is declared, parking restrictions will apply. If you do not have adequate space in your personal driveway, please move your vehicle to a side streets while Emergency Snow Routes are being plowed. If a Snow Emergency is declared, a CodeRed Emergency Notification will be issued. Sign up for CodeRed online.

Snow Emergency Routes List (PDF)

Snow Emergency Routes Map (PDF)

Snow Removal Ordinance