Bid Opportunities

We strive to fulfill the procurement needs of the City of Alliance in a professional, cost effective, responsive and timely manner and in accordance with state statute.

Current Bid Opportunities:

The ALLIANCE PUBLIC LIBRARY- HVAC SYSTEMS REPLACEMENT involves a variety of mechanical and electrical work. The project modifies, upgrades, and replaces mechanical systems that are original to the facility’s late 1998 construction. Systems to be replaced include; the chiller and chilled water system, fan-powered VAV boxes, and the facility’s DDC control system. Modifications include changes to the heating hot water piping, adding additional diffusers to existing ductwork, re-motoring of the existing air handlers and return fans, heating hot water pump replacement, adding Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s), and other items. The Project Bids August 5th, 2022. A Site Visit is required for Control Contractors bidding the project. The suggested site visit date is July 21st, but a different date/time may be arranged with the Library.

Bidding documents, Plans and Specifications are available from multiple regional plan distributors and Reference Quest Number 8256565 or use the following Link; Bidding Documents, Plans, and Specifications may also be obtained from Prochaska & Associates, 11317 Chicago Circle, Omaha NE 68154. 402-334-0755,