Board of Adjustment

The City of Alliance Board of Adjustment acts in accordance with Nebraska Revised Statutes 19-907 through 19-912. It is a review Board of the City zoning regulations ensuring that no undue hardship, as defined by the State of Nebraska, results from the enforcement of the zoning regulations on any particular property within the City zoning jurisdiction.  


The Board of Adjustment meets at 7:00 p.m. in Meeting Room C of the Alliance Learning Center located at 1750 Sweetwater Avenue. Their regular meeting day is the fourth Tuesday of the month but only if there are items on the agenda.


  • Kelsey Turman 
  • Samantha Jackson
  • Evan Mehne 
  • Dick Fankhauser
  • Clay Messersmith
  • Vacant


November 28, 2023 (PDF)