Please call 762-1907 for information regarding street maintenance or snow removal and the One and Six Year Street Improvement Plan.

Snow Removal Tips (PDF)

Snow Removal Action Plan (PDF)

Information regarding the clearing of snow on your property and City of Alliance Snow Removal Action Plan. In the event of a snow emergency declaration, citizens will be notified via CodeRed, social media and local news media.

Emergency Snow Routes

The following streets or highways are designated as emergency snow streets: 

(1) U.S. Highway Nos. 385, 87 and 2 within the corporate limits

(2)Cody Avenue from Third Street to Kansas Street

(3) Emerson Avenue from the northern corporate limits to Third Street

(4) Box Butte Avenue from 25th Street to First Street

(5) Mississippi Avenue from Tenth Street to Third Street

(6) Potash Avenue from Third Street to Kansas Street

(7) Third Street from Flack Avenue east to the corporate limits

(8) All of Tenth Street included within the corporate limits

(9) Sixteenth Street from Buchfinck Avenue to Box Butte Avenue

(10) Twenty-fifth Street from Emerson Avenue to Sweetwater Avenue

(11) Kansas Street from Highway 2 to Highway 385

(12) Buchfinck Avenue from Tenth Street to Sixteenth Street

(13) Black Hills Avenue from Third Street to Tenth Street

(14) Sixth Street from Mississippi Avenue to Grand Avenue

(15) Grand Avenue from Sixth Street to Seventh Street

(16) Seventh Street from Grand Avenue to Mississippi Avenue

(17) Eighth Street from Dakota Avenue to Mississippi Avenue

During a snow emergency, please remove all parked vehicles from the streets. Tickets may be issued to owners of cars not removed from Emergency Snow Routes.