City Manager

The City of Alliance is looking for its next City Manager. Applications for Interim City Manager will also be accepted. With a broad range of responsibilities and exposure to a full-service local government operation, managing our community will allow you to utilize your wide-ranging talents and skills. Alliance is an affordable medium size community close to big city amenities in Denver, Cheyenne and Rapid City. There is an abundance of outdoor recreation available year round. 

Alliance provides an extensive range of services, including police and fire protection, transportation, airport, bus service, sewer, water, refuse, landfill, 18-hole golf course, electric utility, parks and recreation, planning, building and safety, public improvements, and general administration. The City employs 108 FTEs of which 25 are assigned to the Police Department and 4 to the Fire Department. Alliance has a 2020 all funds budget of approximately $54.5 million, with a reserve in the General Fund of $3 million. The City of Alliance utilizes the council/manager form of government. Five council members are elected to four-year, overlapping terms, and a mayor is elected by a majority council vote. Serving at the pleasure of the City Council, the City Manager is responsible for implementing City Council policy, and for planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the activities and operations of the City of Alliance. The City Manager also develops policy recommendations for City Council action and provides highly responsible and complex administrative support to the City Council.

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First Review: October 30, 2020 but position will remain open until filled.  To learn more about the community and position, please view the City Manager Position Profile in the link to the right of the screen. Email your application, resume and cover letter to 

 For questions, contact Carla Mayhew, Human Resource Director, at 308-762-5400. 
The City of Alliance is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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