Chief's Leadership

Police Chief Lukens giving a speech

The Alliance Police Department strives in every way to make Alliance the best hometown in America. This means everything matters in our community and everything matters to the police. All calls are important and all people are important. Our department as a whole wrote our mission statement clearly establishing our commitment to all. Our core “EPIC” values illustrate our commitment to excellence, professionalism, integrity and compassion. Our vision of leadership through dedication of service means we do things differently than other agencies with the underlying goal of service. This is also the 11th word in the State of Nebraska Code of Ethics which every officer agrees to and swears to abide by.

With respect to the five main goals defined by the community and concurrent with the five goals of city council, the following programs have been implemented to ensure the three main goals of the police department are accomplished. These goals support and address the goals of the community and city council. The more focus on the first two goals, the less the third becomes relevant as it takes care of itself.


More information on each of the programs the Chief has implemented, and why he chose these programs to come.

Graphic showing all programs Chief Lukens will be discussing on this page