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Car Seat
Program Description
In order to reduce the incidence of death and injury to infants, children, and adults from motor vehicle crashes, the Alliance Volunteer Fire Department has designated its fire station as a passenger-safety Fitting Station open to the public during business hours by appointment (308) 762-2151 and as needed in emergency situations.

For more information, view the Car Seat Dissemination Process or the Sliding Fee Scale.

Statistical Information
Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of unintentional injury and death in the United States. Over half of the children who die in motor vehicle crashes die unrestrained. Nation-wide studies have found that there is a child occupant restraint miss-use rate of over 90%. When used properly, child restraint systems are over 70% effective in reducing deaths for infants and over 50% effective in reducing toddler deaths in passenger cars.

Nebraska has occupant protection laws that address child restraints, safety belts for older children, and adults riding in the bed or pick up trucks