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1. Which airline serves the Alliance Municipal Airport?
2. Is shuttle service available?

Boards and Commissions

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1. How do I apply for a position on a board?
2. How do I apply to run for City Council?
3. How can I be on the City Council agenda?

City Clerk

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1. How can I contact a City Council member?
2. Where can I find an ordinance or Municipal Code?
3. How do I get an item on the City Council Agenda?

Community Development

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1. What is the purpose of zoning?
2. What can I do if I receive a nuisance violation notice?
3. When do I need a building permit?
4. What type of work requires drawings?
5. What projects require an engineer or architects stamp on the drawings?
6. What is the difference between an architect and an engineer?
7. How does the City do inspections of permitted work?
8. What type of inspections are required?
9. If I wanted an inspection of a building before purchasing it, who would I contact to have that done?
10. Does the City require an inspection of an existing building before doing work to it?

Electric Department

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1. What is a power surge?
2. Do you have to set that pole or electrical box there?
3. Why do you have to trim my tree?
4. What should I do if a tree is in the electric lines?
5. Can you raise my wires?
6. What if I build a new deck under electric lines?
7. When can you fix my street light?
8. Can you turn off a street light shining in my window?
9. Can I switch from an overhead service to an underground service?
10. Can I get all the poles removed from my yard?
11. What is an outage?
12. How do I report an outage?
13. What are some common causes of power outages?
14. In what order does Alliance Electric Department restore power?
15. Can I use a portable generator during an outage?
16. Why do neighbors have power and mine is still off?
17. What is the telephone number for the Digger's Hotline to call before I dig?

Fire Department

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1. What should I do after a fire?
2. Where can I get a burn permit?

Police Department

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1. How do I license my ATV?
2. Where can I find out about Nebraska road conditions?
3. Where can I find a weather forecast?
4. How can I adopt a pet from the Animal Shelter?
5. Does the Animal Shelter have a Facebook page to see dogs and cats available for adoption?
6. How do I apply for an alarm permit?

Public Transit

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1. Is Public Transit open to the public?

Utility Customer Service

Water / Sewer

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1. What are the black specks in my drinking water?
2. What are the white floating specks or flakes in my water?
3. Who is responsible for unplugging a sewage clog?
4. Why is my water bill so high?